About the Artist
Classically trained at the Art Students League in New York, Anjali Maazel excels in her ability to refresh or reinvent whatever medium she works in. Her unexpected choice of colors enhanced by surface treatments, ephemera, and radical found objects have created an intensely personal style. Arrows of glass shoot light unexpectedly around a canvas, transforming research into revelation. Photomontages seem to float into our consciousness; their implied tales intrigue us.
Digitally manipulated photography, printmaking, engraving, worked over with acrylics, encaustic, and collage, fuel the process of creating unique pieces too individual to align with any given movement.
Equally intriguing is this artist’s multicultural sensibility.  Her travels have versed her in the cultures of Brazil, France, Spain, Italy, and India, among others.  She has succeeded in capturing the elusive qualities of mood and substance of each place, weaving them imperceptibly into the universality of her vision.
Her mixed media works today reflect her experimentation in film, theatre, dance, and literature, each enriching the other and all contributing to the structure and drama of her art. In these pieces large and small that mirror her range and versatility, what is most compelling is their immediacy. First, they capture the heart and then, mysteriously, understanding unfolds with the revelation of layer upon layer of meaning.
Startling, humorous, lyrical or poetic, Anjali Maazel has found her distinct voice in the fluid juxtaposition of the inner and outer worlds she inhabits.

Education and Professional Training:

Princeton University, B.A. with Honors

Art Students League of New York
Darkroom Photography, Princeton University

Film Production, USC (Los Angeles)
Film Production, New School (N.Y.C.)

Fiction Writing, Columbia University
Non-fiction/Fiction Writing, Warren Wilson College
Screenwriting, UCLA (Los Angeles)

Theatre Directing, HB Studio (N.Y.C.)
Comedy Improvisation, The Groundlings (Los Angeles)

Harkness Dance Center (N.Y.C.)
Andalucia – Gruppo Flamenco (Rome)
Théâtre de danse du Marais – Flamenco (Paris)